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Cost savings of HUMIDIFLOW™ over conventional water bottle humidification
Humidiflow™ the solution for problematic water bottles
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"Humidification bottle problems tend to be our #1 on call situation…we've cut our calls in half because of HUMIDIFLOW™!" Bob Lybarger, President & CEO, Legacy Medical, Troy, Ohio.

HUMIDIFLOW™ is a new technology in oxygen concentrator humidification designed to provide safe, healthy humidified oxygen to patients without the high cost, training, and on-going maintenance required with conventional humidification bottles.

Whether you are a home health care dealer, OEM, or repair center, HUMIDIFLOW™ represents an innovative, reliable solution for the humidification of the patient oxygen stream while minimizing the possibility of condensation and bacterial growth in critical oxygen concentrator applications.

  • Advanced technology
  • No service
  • Reduced operating costs
  • No cross contamination
  • Long life

Learn how HUMIDIFLOW’S™ revolutionary new technology is changing how respiratory providers are meeting their humidification needs!

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